Alumtek and Alumrod Factories . More Than Half a Century Old

Alumtek Factory:‎

‎Alumtek factory started its activities in 1963 with the aim of producing various types of aluminum products.‎

‎In the first phase, two extrusion press machines were imported to produce different types of construction and industrial profiles from the United States along with the heat treatment furnaces of old hardness, and were installed in Alumtek.‎

‎In parallel with the equipment and devices of production of different types of low and high voltage air conductors were imported from Germany and Britain by the model of Southwire America and were installed and operated.‎

‎Today, two main products are produced and supplied in Alumtek factory:‎

‎1- Overhead conductors of power distribution and transmission lines‎

‎2- Types of industrial and construction aluminum profiles

Overhead Map of Alumtek
Alumtek Products
Billet Production Line
Properzi Production Line for ROD

‎Alumad Factory:‎

‎Following the implementation of the development plan of Alumtek Company in 1975, Alumrad Co. (Public Joint Stock) started its activities in 1975 with the aim of supplying raw materials for production of various types of aluminum air conductors. During these years, using technical knowledge and continuous casting equipment, almost three decades with the seriousness and merit of the mission of the sole producer of pure aluminum rod or wire in the country with quality and quality In accordance with the requirements of international standards.‎

‎In the early 5s, the company employs specialized forces to provide the operation of a production line of pure aluminum billets and alloys in sizes of 6, 7, 8 and <> inches. ‎‎ ‎
‎ In the following, with the aim of increasing the quality of the ‎‎billets, using the homogenizing furnace, it is possible to produce and supply the quality of this class of aluminum products as the raw material of aluminum profiles.‎

‎In order to supply various products, increase production capacity and improve the quality of product packaging, by updating machinery and equipment of continuous casting line, while localizing knowledge and expanding technological dimension, producing aluminum alloy rod with the highest quality and in accordance with international standards. The company’s list of products was also added. This special wire is used in the production of aluminum alloy conductors 6101 and 6201 in power distribution and transmission lines as well as power substations as a type of electric bus.‎


AAAC,All Aluminum Alloy Conductor
Different Types of Overhead Conductors
Industrial Aluminum Profile
Industrial & Constructural Aluminum Profiles
Aluminum & Aluminum Alloy Billets
Aluminum EC & Alloy Rods