Alumtek Company

‎In 1342 as a joint stock company with the aim of producing different types of aluminum profiles, it purchased a land of 70,2 square meters in 1347 km of Qazvin – Tehran road and by purchasing two oxygen press machines and installing and commissioning it in 1346, it proceeded to produce various types of aluminum structural‎‎ profiles. ‎
‎In 1348, Alumtek Company was changed from private joint stock to public joint stock and entered the market with the aim of producing different types of aluminum conductors required by the power industry. Purchase and installation of machinery related to producing various types of conductors was done in 1349 and production lines were put into operation in 1356. Considering the country’s need for air conductors and the necessity of increasing production capacity of Alumtek Co. to supply aluminum rod required By doing the development project, he established Alumrad Company in 1358 and by purchasing the required machinery, set up the aluminum rod production line in the vicinity of Alumtek factory. After the victory of the revolution, the group of Alumtek and Alumrad companies was transferred to the government in <> and was covered by the Ministry of Energy.‎

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